Mysterious alien invaders: the SEEDEdit

The SEED are a mysterious alien life form that suddenly attacks the Gurhal System. It infects native creatures, making them violent, and alters the surrounding environment. Below is a brief description of the characteristics of the SEED.

The SEED invasionEdit

During the Centennial Ceremony, the Alliance Military's fleet of warships suddenly came under attack by the mysterious SEED.

SEED infectionEdit

When the SEED hit the ground, they lay out roots and extend their stalks, shrouding the surface. Then a flower-like apparatus blooms, and from there, the virus-like infected cells are released (Note: the SEED virus doesn't seem to affect people). The SEED-Cores sticking out of the ground form a special flower-like barrier called a "blewme."

Purifying the SEEDEdit

Normal weapons are useless against the blewme. The only way to defeat them with force is the Alliance Military's overwhelming firepower.

This is where the GUARDIANS come in with their specially developed tools, the "photon eraser" and "photon reflector." These tools still can't attack the blewme directly, but by exposing the zoma that act as the blewme's roots, the blewme can be made to wither, exposing the SEED-Core for direct attack. Goggles are needed to locate the zoma and photon points, as they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The SEED refers to the mysterious life forms that have attacked the Gurhal System. The SEED plant their roots in areas where they settle, sprouting stalks and flowers, and scattering corrosive pollen.

The SEED isn't just damaging to the ground--it alters the DNA of the native creatures, making them violent and aggressive.


The Gurhal System is populated with more than just people. Huge native creatures live here, as well. To the people who live in Gurhal, while they coexist together, the creatures still pose a threat. Since the SEED invasion, there have been reports from all over the system of native creatures turning vicious.

In addition, military machinery, as well as people who oppose the GUARDIANS, can pose significant threats.

Guardians must be cautious when dealing with these dangerous entities. A few examples are shown below.

Creatures that stand in the Guardians' wayEdit

Gol DolvaEdit

Koltova are creatures native to the planet Parum, and a staple of Parum cooking. The Gol Dolva is a variety of koltova bred for size, and can grow up to 17 feet high. Their intelligence levels are unimpressive, but one must watch out for their body crush and ramming attacks.

De RaganEdit

The native creature from Parum known as the "ruler of the grasslands." Extremely vicious in nature, it is usually found in higher altitudes. Due to the SEED disturbances, it has been sighted in the lowlands. Its powerful, fiery breath strikes fear in the hearts of many.


The most powerful species of the various Gougs that inhabit the Mizuraki Conservation District on Neudaiz.

Kog NaddEdit

A mid-sized creature, found in the Galenigare Canyon on Moatoob. It grows sharp spines throughout its body to repel enemies. One strike from its body will cause significant damage.

Grinna BeteEdit

Large military machines.

Its arms can be fitted with different attachments to attack with a variety of weapons.

Bil de VearEdit

A large creature found in the Kugu Desert on Moatoob. It is surprisingly fast for its size, and possesses overwhelming power.

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