New weapons and attacks for Phantasy Star Universe Ammbition of the Illuminu


Ambition of the Illuminus will introduce four new classes of weapons to Phantasy Star Universe. The Madoog is a TECHNIC casting device that can be equipped in an offhand, allowing you to keep some support TECHNICs at the ready while using a one hand striking weapon or attack wand in your main hand. The Shadoog, also an offhand device, will automatically fire at nearby enemies without needing to be readied or activated. The photon Whip is a melee weapon for advanced force classes that can sweep over a large group of foes and inflict negative status effects depending on the element of the weapon. The Slicer is a melee weapon that launches spinning blades that will cut through multiple foes; this weapon gives advanced hunter types a strong and flexible short range attack when it's too dangerous to go toe-to-toe with the enemy.


Madoogs can be used by all TECHNIC using types, including basic Forces. Like a wand, you can link any two TECHNIC photon arts to the Madoog. Although the TECHNIC Power on Madoogs is low, they have a very fast casting animation and will be very helpful for players who want to attack and still be able to heal with no delay.



Shadoogs can be used by all basic types, and advanced gunner types including the new Acrofighter type who will have access to the most powerful versions. Shadoogs are not linked to a Photon Art but have a set element and firing pattern. Shadoogs do not use photon points and do not need recharging. Because the Shadoog will attack automatically, they can add a small amount of damage and spread status effects while you are using a one-handed melee weapon or wand.


Photon WhipEdit

Whips can be used by Fortetechers and Wartechers and is a specialty weapon of the new Acrotecher type. Unlike most melee weapons, whips can be used to inflict status effects similar to the way bullets do. Whip attacks will sweep through multiple enemies and while not high-damaging are very effective at keeping a large group of enemies at bay. Like other one-handed melee weapons the whip attacks fast and does not have long combos.


Whip Photon ArtEdit

Visshi Gruuda is the first Photon Art available for the Photon Whip. Spinning the whip around you like a chain will build up the power to knock your opponents away with the second part of this combo.



The Slicer is available for Fortefighters and Fighgunners and is especially suited to the Acrofighter type. Like an atlatl used for hunting or xistera used for sport, the Slicer is a tool that amplifies the wielder's strength to launch a projectile with amazing force. The photon projectiles of the Slicer will hit multiple targets and make this a very effective weapon for attacking small groups that are too dangerous to get close to. Like other one-handed melee weapons, you can use the Slicer to make normal attacks or spend its Photon Points to launch a short chain of Photon Art attacks.


Slicer Photon ArtEdit

Chikki Kyoren-jin will be available from the Skill Photon Art vendors. This Photon Art has an amazing damage potential, ripping through any enemies that stand in your path.


Over 100 New Items Added!Edit

Along with the new weapon categories there will be over one hundred new weapons only available in Ambition of the Illuminus. Competition between the major manufactures G.R.M. Yohmei and TENORA WORKS has intensified and they now offer a large variety of low and high end items that previously were only available from one source.


SUV AttacksEdit

For CAST player bored with the Gatlings lasers and missiles currently available there are new SUV weapons to add some punch to your attacks. Equip yourself to sweep the room with a giant sword, call down freezing rain, or pull down heavy objects from the sky onto your foes.


The Weapon and Attack BasicsEdit

Players who have not yet upgraded to the Ambition of the Illuminus expansion will still have access to a very diverse selection of weapons and SUV attacks. Read on to see what you can expect to see in the field!

Weapon TypesEdit

Over Twenty Categories of Weapons

Twin Claws Shotgun
Longbow Double Saber
Laser Cannon Spear

There are over twenty different categories of weapons, all with unique characteristics and functions in combat. [9]

Using the Three Types of WeaponsEdit

There are three types of weapons: close-range striking weapons like swords and sabers, long-range firearm weapons like handguns, and TECHNIC-casting wands and other magic weapons. [10]

Equipping Different Weapons in Each HandEdit

You can have two different types of weapons in each hand, like a one-handed striking weapon or a TECHNIC weapon in your right hand and a firearm weapon in your left hand.


Assign Your Weapon Combinations to the Action PaletteEdit

Customize your weapon combinations for your left hand and right hand, or for both hands. You can create several combinations of weapons in the Action Palette, then switch between them freely, even during combat.

Predict what kind of combat situations you may encounter, and you can put together weapon setups to match strategies like "long-distance shooting" and "up close and personal," to switch between weapons immediately and level your enemies!


First-Person View for Ranged WeaponsEdit

With ranged weapons like the handgun and the longbow, you can aim and attack with a first-person view. If you aim well, you can attack enemies that are higher than can normally be reached and shoot at enemies that are difficult to attack.



Beasts' Hidden PowerEdit

Beasts have an ability known as Nano Blasting to help them survive environmental disasters and catastrophic accidents through sheer physical strength.

This ability is brought about by taking damage from enemies. After a certain damage level is exceeded, their body strength is temporarily boosted and they transform into a powerful beast form. The result is immeasurable attack power, defense power, and speed.


Defeat Enemies with Amazing PowerEdit

Transformed, they truly are beasts. Their fighting style becomes wild and unleashes waves of powerful attacks on their enemies. After a certain amount of time passes, however, they return to their normal state, so an escape route is always vital.



Enormous Weapons Designed for CASTsEdit

By using a long-distance, satellitle-based nano transformer, a CAST can equip special equipment and launch an extremely powerful special attack. Only CASTs can use this skill. [16]

Level Enemies with Overwhelming FirepowerEdit

The SUV weapon can be invoked after a certain set level of damage is taken. There are numerous types of SUV weapons, such as the gatling gun and the giant laser.



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